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It may be worth seeing a psychologist if:

- you find yourself feeling low and unmotivated most of the time

- you feel that you are no longer able to function well and the activities that used to bring you excitement no longer interest you,

- you feel overwhelmed, tensed and stressed to a degree that it affects your professional, social and family life

- you have difficulties in relationship with people who are close to you

- you feel lonely and unable to fit in

- you find yourself unable to stop grieving after a loss you experienced in the past

- you feel confused or stuck in your life without joy or purpose

- it feels that nothing you are trying to do helps to change your current situation for the better

- you no longer feel comfortable talking to your friends about how you feel, because you think they probably ‘had enough’

- you find yourself using various substances in order to be able to feel better

- you wish to explore the patterns of your behaviour that may not allow you to achieve your goals.