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Infertility treatment

Baltic Medical Centre infertility treatment specialists consult couples on fertility and arrange for appropriate laboratory and diagnostic tests to find out the causes of infertility.

Treatment starts for an infertile couple once they have been trying to become pregnant for a year or more and in that time have not used any pregnancy preventing measures. The examination of both partners starts simultaneously.

Medical or surgical (a surgery may be planned in Lithuania at Northway Medical Centre) treatment can be effective for some couples. In cases when the mentioned treatment is ineffective, such options as artificial insemination may be applied (insemination inside a woman's body or otherwise called intrauterine insemination (IUI) and vitro fertilization (IVF)).

Baltic Medical Centre takes an active part in collaborating with specialists of Northway Fertility Centre in Vilnius. At the Medical Centre in London a patient may be prescribed with medicinal stimulation, and sonographic monitoring of ovarian follicular maturation. After the preparation is completed, the woman is sent for the IVF procedure at the Northway Fertility Centre. In this way the couple saves time and money, because they need to spend only one week in Lithuania to undergo the IVF procedure instead of three weeks.

If the procedure has been successful, pregnancy may be monitored at the Baltic Medical Centre. Baltic Medical Centre treatment specialists pay particular attention to ensure the patient's security, privacy, and confidentiality. The treatment is made according to the Quality System protocols, using modern medical equipment and advanced treatment methods. To read more about causes of infertility, its treatment and treatment methods, please visit: www.northway.lt.