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Ina Achmetova


Professional qualification
1990 - Diploma of Paediatric, Medical University of Grodno, Belarus
Work experience
From 2013 - Paediatrician at Baltic Medical Centre, London
2006-2012 – Paediatrician, Private clinic ‘Nefrida’, Klaipeda, Lithuania
1991-2006 - Paediatrician, Primary Health Centre, Klaipeda, Lithuania
1990-1991 - Internship in the Local Children Hospital, Klaipeda, Lithuania
Professional Development
2016 - Training "Use and Application of the Allergopharma Skin Prick Allergy Testing System", London, UK
2016 - Course "Early Management of Anaphylaxis", London, UK
2016 - Course of Allergy "6th Allergy and Skin Study Day", Allergy Academy, St. Thomas Hospital, London, UK
2016 - Course of Allergy "Asthma in Practice", Allergy Academy, St. Thomas Hospital, London, UK
2016 - Course of Allergy "Practical Allergy in Primary Care Study Day", Allergy Academy, St. Thomas Hospital, London, UK
2016 - Course of Allergy "Update in Paediatric Allergy Study Day", Allergy Academy, St. Thomas' Hospital, London, UK
2015 - M&K Update 'Understanding Blood results', London, UK
2015 - M&K Update 'The Injured & Sick Child', London, UK
2015 - E-integrity courses: Families in the UK, Home Environment, Hard to Reach and Seldom-heard Families, Looked After Children, Parenting Support, Parental Relationships, Common Motor/Movement Problems, Leadership, Monitoring and Quality, Feeding difficulties, Sleeping Problems, Bladder and Bowel Control, Child Mental Health, Typical Development, Communication Impairments, Children Learning two or more languages, Vaccine-preventable Diseases, Obesity Prevention in Children, London, UK
2014 - Diploma in Homoeopathy. This course leads to a Practitioner/Therapist Level Qualification, London, UK
2014 - Certificate in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for Healthcare Professionals/Basic Life Support( Adults, Paediatric and Infants), London, UK
2014 - Certificate of Understanding Clinical Audit Practical Session
2014 - Certificate of Clinical Audit Training Session
2013 - GMC Training day ‘Good Medical Practice’, London, UK
2013 - ‘Practising Health Care Professional’ Primary Care & Public Health 2013, Birmingham, UK
2013 - Certificate ‘An Introduction to Adult/Child Protection (Level One)’, London, UK
2013 - Certificate in ‘Leading on Adult/ Child Protection (Level Two), London, UK
2012- ‘Presentation of Paediatrics Manual: the Most Common Children Health Problems’, Klaipeda, Lithuania
2012-2012 - revalidation course ‘Diagnosing and Treatment of Inner Organs’ Acute Disorders’ by Lithuanian Health Science University, Intensive Therapy clinic
2010 - conference ‘Children Diseases’, Vilnius University, Lithuania
2010 - revalidation course ‘Children Diseases Diagnostics and Treatment Assessment’, Kaunas University, Lithuania
2010 - ‘Children Dermatitis’ organised by Klaipeda Paediatric Union, Lithuania
2008 - revalidation course ‘Children Pulmonology and Allergy’, Lithuania
2007- revalidation course in Vilnius University ‘Children Diseases’, Lithuania
A Member of Lithuanian Doctor's Society.
Fellowship of Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, UK.
An Associate Member of the School of Natural Health Sciences, UK.
Fellowship of the International College of Holistic Medicine (ICHM), UK.
Fellowship member of Allergy Academy, UK.
Languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian.



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Ina Achmetova