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Elena Drobysheva


Professional qualification
1986 - MBBS Kuibyshev Institute of Medicine, Russia
1987 - Postgraduate Diploma in Paediatrics
1994 - Postgraduate Diploma in Paediatric Ophthalmology 
2010 - Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Ultrasound, The South Bank University of London, the UK
2010 - Certificate of Competence in the 11-13 weeks scan, The Fetal Medicine Foundation
2007–2010 Training in ultrasound of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust
2006–2007 Training in General ultrasound, Ealing Hospital NHS Trust
2006 - Clinical Experience Scheme for Overseas Doctors at London Deanery
2006 - Clinical Attachment, Hammersmith Hospital, the Department of Oncology under supervision of Prof. Jonathan Waxman
Work experience
From 2014 - Sonographer at Baltic Medical Centre, London
From 2010 – Sonographer at The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust, Imaging Department
2006–2007 - The Ealing Hospital NHS Trust, Imaging Department, Post of Honorary SHO
1998–2007 - N- on medical experience
1996-1998 - City Children’s Clinic No 34 Moscow Russia, Post of ophthalmologist
1994–1996 - Medical Complex No.15, Samara, Russia, Post of ophthalmologist
1993-1994 - College of Further Professional Training for Medical Personnel based at the Regional Eye Hospital Training in Paediatric Ophthalmology
1991-1993 - Maternity leave
1987–1991 - Children’s Clinic No.13, Samara, Russia, Post of Paediatrician
1988–1991 - Community Child Health Centre, Samara, Russia, Post of Paediatrician as a part time job, participating in screening
1986-1987 - City Hospital No.1, Kuibyshev, Russia, Training rotation in General medicine and Paediatrics, (PRHO equivalent) participating in ward rounds/ward case presentations/management of patients
1984-1986 - City Hospital of Infectious Disease, Kuibyshev, Russia, Volunteer taking care of patients and psychological support to the patients
Professional Development
Research for Complications in children with chicken pox, 1984-1986. Responsible for data collection.
Research for The effectiveness of surgical intervention in children (age of 9-15) with progressive myopia. Responsible for data collection and analysis in one of the districts in Samara, Russia, 1993-1996.
Languages: English, Russian.





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