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  • I am very grateful to doctor Renata Karaliene for finding the cancer at very early stage. She is a true professional and she gave me great support during difficult time

    Ruta Cicenaite 53, London
  • Doctor Renata Karaliene from BMC is a wonderful and caring doctor. I had some problems after the operation, and most of the doctors I visited created much stress and panic for me. When we met with Renata, she was very calm and supportive. She explained different scenarios and the reasoning behind them. And we started the treatment. Luckily, we managed to cure the issue with antibiotics. And I believe it was solved because of Renata’s personal approach to me. It was the most comfortable and supportive communication with the doctor I have ever had. Many thanks!

     Александра Скиба, London
  • ''My wife came to Baltic Medical Centre for the first time. To do consultation and checking. She is so happy with the service. We'd The team and doctor (Bhushan Mokoonlall) he is amazing and professional. Thank you so much''

    Mohamed S
  • ''Huge thank you to Dr. Ina Achmetova for caring for our baby. We had a very good and deep consultation. The doctor is very caring and well-being with babies.''

    Monika Martinkute
  • ''Doctor Ina Ahmetova is by far the best paediatrician in London. Really cares about you and your baby, no matter what age they are. Has answers to all the questions, and I ask a lot of questions. Doctor Ina is a super find for any Russian-speaking mother. Thank you for everything you do❤️❤️❤️''

    Marianne Dudareva
  • ''Found this clinic on the internet, also got recommendations from a friend about pediatric doctor Ina Achmetova. So first if all I’d like to mention that we went there because my 2yrs old boy was always ill and local doctors couldn’t find any problems, were keep saying that blood test is perfect just baby needs more time to recover from viral viruses.. but that didn't make me to calm down.. once we came to Baltic Medical Centre, the professional staff there met us really gratefully. Then we popped in into Dr Ina’s room, where she fully examined baby and sent us to do the blood test which was done quick and painless, also nurses were really friendly and my baby wasn’t stressed about having blood done. After less than 2 days Dr.Ina, as she promised - she gave us a call and explained EVERYTHING, also she sent us an email with the results and treatment plan. Hope we will get better soon, I just want to say big thank you to all staff for really professional work and especially to Dr. Ina for being so honest and professional and answering all my questions and explaining things in detail. Thank you!''

    Anzelika Grigorjeva
  • ''I am happy with my most recent experience in this clinic. I have had a few appointments with doctor Karaliene. She is very knowledgeable and a true expert of her field. She explains medical terms in easily understandable language and is also reachable by phone if urgent situation occurs which is great! 5 stars!''

  • ''Doctor Renata has provided me with endless support and advice regarding my health. I'm very glad to have met such kind and caring doctor. She goes above and beyond to provide a caring service and always has time to answer questions that I have. Highly recommended Renata Karaliene. Will be returning patient.''

     Karolina Aleknaite
  • ''Dr. Renata (gynecologist) is very professional and trustworthy, very polite, listens to patients.''

  • ''Lovely gynecologist, thank you for explaining everything. 😊''

  • ''This was my first visit to see the paediatrician. Compared to another similar clinic I visited in the past - at Baltic clinic I had a great experience - nice staff at reception, all clean and nice. The doctor seemed very professional and patient which is so important when working with children. She was speaking nice and clear, was asking relevant questions and was listening carefully. At the moment this was my best experience with a doctor at a private clinic. Thank you.''

    Veronica Umaneț
  • ''I had a very good experience at the clinic. The doctors and personnel are very professional, knowledgeable, attentive and kind. Will definitely return and recommend it to others. Thank you! ''

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